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About us

Christine A. Pakidi

I began my legal career in 2008 working as a lawyer for a not-for-profit organization and I progressively moved on to become in-house counsel for a multi-national corporation. I then worked with a law firm in Niagara Falls before returning home to St. Catharines. I have a deep connection with my community here in Niagara where I dedicate my free time volunteering. I am also an active and committed member of St. Columba church, Lakeport.

My pracatice accords each matter detailed attention to competently represent and provide the desired outcome. I offer affordable legal services and I am approved by FLLSS to offer unbundled legal services on a limited scope retainer basis.

Our Services

Real Estate

- Purchases
- Sales
- Mortgages
- Refinances
- Survivorship applications
- Transfers
- Application general


- Wills
- Power of Attoney
- Estates


- Refugee claims
- Immigration applications
- Citizenship
- Cross-boarder immigration (US & Canada)

We are available over the weekends on appointment

Find us at: L2N1K6, Tel: 905-397-8756, Fax: 905-684-0151, Email: info@pakidilaw.com